Call Of Duty Black Ops: Ascension Zombie Map- New weapons, perks & thrills revealed after the leaked gameplay! (Video Inside)

February 1, 2011, By Shawn Wagnon

Have you been out looking for some gameplay information on the ‘all set to be released’ Call of Duty Black Ops: Ascension Zombie Map and are trying to make your own plans before you dig deep into the new stuff that is on offer? Well, Treyarch has not made any statement about it yet (we did get the fine leaked gameplay videos though), there have been other sources that have enlightened us on the new weapons and perks in the Ascension. Dig in, to find out….

Starting off with what you can unleash for your own safety, Ascension will feature the Gersch Device that is called the “Black Hole Bomb” and a monkey bomb type of weapon that is dubbed as the “Matryoshka Doll”. Something for you to ponder over about the ammo as you unravel Ascension.

For those who are thinking about the perks on offer, there are two new ones to keep you happy. The first one is the “Stamin-Up” perks and they most likely seem to give you the endurance advantage and the second one that we are sure of is the “PhD Flogger”. Not too sure about the second one as of yet, but we are likely to get more details soon on both the perks and weapons side of things.

While all this is great news, what you might not find pleasant one bit is the Cosmic Silverback monkey that you might discover in Ascension. Why? Simple, because it will steal your perks. So, better look out for that apart from a whole lot more.

Well, we are looking out for more details as they trickle out, but till then maybe you can enjoy the gameplay video on offer. Maybe you have other ideas? What would you like to see? Your take on the “perk-stealing primate”…

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