62 Billion Soldiers Dead, 1.2 billion planes and 900 millions cars wrecked: Call of Duty: Black Ops gameplay numbers released by Activision

February 1, 2011, By Shawn Wagnon

If you are still counting, then the number of virtual soldiers who laid down their lives for your violent pleasure (If we might say so) is 9 times that of entire human population on the planet. Maybe a bit more! But then Call of Duty: Black Ops is the most popular multi-player game online till date and that number seems pretty much right. Just wait till you lay your eyes on few more numbers we have inside…

Activision released the staggering stats for Call of Duty: Black Ops since its release and the numbers are simple astounding. What is more awesome is how Activision is keeping a count of all this. Till the day they released these stats, not only were 62 billion soldiers killed in the game, but 1.2 billion planes and 900 million cars that were blown to bits.

Then there is the matter of 5 billions headshots that were delivered, 10 billion paybacks and of course a monumental 1.1 trillion shots that were fired. Well, all that is not the end though as we await the release of the First Strike DLC today, we expect these numbers to only shoot up. Add to that the double-XP weekend on Xbox 360 this weekend and numbers will stack up fast.

Apart from all that there is the mere matter of $1 billion the game made in international sales… In the real world, of course! One stat that is more important to Activision than all else for sure. So, ready for more Black Ops?

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