When Mark Zuckerberg met Jesse Eisenberg: Facebook creator meets the star of Oscar favorite ‘The Social Network’ (SNL Video Inside)

January 31, 2011, By Shawn Wagnon

It was like meeting your look-alike in the parallel universe and while there are plenty of exciting gadgets, rumors and releases to talk about in our domain, there are very few ‘people moments’ like this one Generally it is Steve Jobs that provides you with such stuff, but this time it is Facebook owner Mark Zuckerberg that chose to entertain us.

The moment was presented to us by Saturday Night Live, as Mark decided to make a surprise appearance on the show that was discussing the movie ‘The Social Network’. With the star of the flick Jesse Eisenberg discussing the making and the chances at the Oscar, Mark decided to give a pleasant surprise. What followed was comic gold with plenty of awkwardness, some silence and weird looks.

When Jesse asked the ‘real deal’ if he had watched the movie, Mark replied he did and when asked about what he thought about it, Facebook’s billion dollar owner remarked “interesting”. Yup, no raving reviews from the man on whom the movie is based and no pitching in for the Oscar as well.

Apparently this is the first time the two met and that means Jesse never imitated or studied Mark to play the role by being around the guy. Interesting… Anyway watch the video and enjoy.

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