Verizon clearing out a range of Android handsets for $100: HTC Droid Incredible, Samsung Fascinate, Continuum & Droid R2-D2 on offer now!

January 31, 2011, By Shawn Wagnon

You could call it ‘great discounts’ or maybe the clearing out sale of the 3G handsets before the 4G start to take over. Either way, it is not a bad deal to have one bit as Verizon Wireless are giving out a range of Android handsets away from that $100 price and those include the HTC Droid Incredible and the Samsung fascinate.

Yes, there will be those out there who will tell you not to but these because 4G wave is on its way and there is an incredible speed difference between 3G and 4G. But there are a few of us who need not have the best features and top speeds on offer and just need a descent handset at a good price. This sale does more than well in that regard.

On offer from Verizon for $100 are HTC Droid Incredible, Samsung Fascinate, Continuum and Droid R2-D2 and they are a part of “ten days of sweet deals” from Verizon. What more, the sale is just ahead of Valentine’s Day and you maybe think one of these mobiles could make someone you love really happy, then the price tag has just made the whole sweeter.

For those android fans out there who are wondering if this is what is only on offer, Verizon apparently has even a few “One-Day Deals” coming along in the next ten days which means you could still see some giving away of Droid X, Droid Pro or Droid 2 Global. So, Just hold on for now and hope Verizon clears out more stuff before they roll out the iPhone 4.

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