New Internet Explorer Exploit Revealed

January 31, 2011, By Christian Cawley

Just when things seem to be going so well for Microsoft, news of a new browser flaw is revealed, with details on how the exploit might be used to hijack the software.

New Internet Explorer browser exploit found

The ironic thing is, it is only a few days since the German government advised citizens that the browser is unsafe, a stance which Microsoft took exception to!

It seems that although the exploit is activated via the browser, the actual flaw is within the operating system, something that flies in the face of the whole concept of sandboxing the browser.

Microsoft reckon that users might be tricked into downloading malware, with the resulting software running in the background for the remainder of the browsing session – a prime way to ship some keylogging Trojans into the victim’s browser.

So, how do you avoid getting stung by this exploit?

Well, there are three ways. The first is not to use Internet Explorer, which for a growing number of people (especially in the European Union) shouldn’t be a massive problem.

Second, you can run Windows Update to download and install the patch which Microsoft have quickly issued.

The third? Switch to Linux!

The full details on the exploit can be found at

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