HTC Thunderbolt Update indicates simultaneous voice and data transfer over 3G: Mobile Hotspot capability also added at launch

January 31, 2011, By Shawn Wagnon

There might be many leaks floating around regarding the data transfer and mobile hotspot capabilities of the HTC Thunderbolt, but the latest release from Verizon Wireless seems to indicate that the Thunderbolt is capable of both data transfer and voice calls at the simultaneously over its 3G network. It also seems to clear up the whole ‘mobile hotspot capability’ rumors by stating (In red, for emphasis), that the Thunderbolt will bee indeed coming out with the feature at launch.

Verizon is indeed capable of providing the services of both voice and data transfer over 3G, but its is the mobile hardware that needs to keep up with the load and in case of the HTC Thunderbolt, the dual-core processor is expected to get the job done. While the jury is still out on whether the dual-core feature is any better than single core mobiles unless software also keeps up, the fact that Verizon Wireless themselves say that they are not referring to the feature as a “benefit during conversations with customers”.

So, this simply means that they are not very confident that the Thunderbolt will handle the load and are telling you that it might not be as smooth as you wanted it to be. But the good news for those who want to buy the Thunderbolt is that it can act as a mobile hotspot device. So, still buying the HTC Thunderbolt?

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