Final Boss fight for Marvel vs Capcom 3 Revealed

January 31, 2011, By Christian Davis

One of the greatest Marvel Villains is now the game ending boss for Marvel vs Capcom 3. Hinted at in a leaked comic Galactus was hinted at being in the game, even though it was denied by the artist. Looks like the rumor was true and Galactus is in the game, but as a boss fight.

Similar to the final boss of Marvel vs Capcom 2, the player will face a larger than life character in the end. If you’re already familiar with Galactus you’ll know that he’s so enormous that he stands up in space. The best part is we have got a video of Galactus in battle courtesy of

The video starts off with the player fighting against “silver surfer-ized” members of the cast before facing off against Galactus. It’s going to be a hard boss fight that we are all going to love.

Check out the video below.

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