Apple White iPhone 4 Delay Due to Camera, Says Steve Wozniak

January 31, 2011, By Leo Xavier

Finally, here comes the answer for those who are wondering why the white iPhone 4 is getting delayed. The reason behind the delay has been given by none other than the co-founder of Apple, Steve Wozniak, more popularly known as Woz.

He has stated certain assumptions regarding what might be the reason behind the delay of the device.

Woz purchased some components and created his own white iPhone 4, and then he attempted to take photographs with it. According to him, any photo taken with the device with the flash on looked as though it was taken through cellophane.

This happened because of the spillover light. Apart from the problem with the flash, Woz also noticed some issues with the proximity sensor of the camera. Hence, we could conclude from Wozniak’s words that the major problem behind the delay is the phone’s camera.

But, we should remember that Steve Wozniak’s statement is not an official one. He isn’t using an “official” white iPhone 4. So there might be some discrepancies, though the camera problem might be real.

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