iPad vs Netbook: 9 Things to Make Up Your Mind

January 30, 2011, By Fouad Bajwa

Are you interested in buying a new gadget to add to your work tools or simply for being able to move around with light weight computers to access your email, Facebook and work related stuff? Are you finding it hard to determine whether you should go for a low-cost netbook laptop or buy one of those snazzy iPads? Let us help you choose:

iPad vs. Netbook: 10 Things to Make Up Your Mind

  1. The iPad is a touch screen tablet computing device. But touchscreens are now also available on netbooks (for example the Asus Eee-PC netbooks). The iPad touch screen experience and sensitivity are far more superior than any tablet technology on the market but this does not mean that it supersedes all other netbook capabilities.
  2. Compared to the iPad, netbooks are much cheaper. The price of the basic iPad would be equivalent to the best and fastest netbook on the market.
  3. There are versions of the iPad that come with both 3G and WiFi, but so do netbooks who come with 3G/4G dataplans these days.comes in various versions such as lower storage with WiFi or higher storage with both WiFi and 3G.
  4. The current version of the iPad does not carry a video camera at the moment whereas almost all netbooks from various manufacturers, do. On top of that on an iPad, Skype only runs through the iOS Skype application and is limited in features whereas you can run the full version of Skype with video and mic support on a netbook.
  5. The iPad does not allow to increase its on-flash storage space with an USB storage device or a SD card whereas almost all netbooks support both multiple USB’s as well as the option to insert and use a single SD card.
  6. You cannot directly copy data to an iPad and must always connect it to a host computer running iTunes. On a netbook, you do not have to worry about this issue at all.
  7. You cannot run Flash based content on an iPad whereas a netbook does. This is probably the iPad’s worst handicap — you can’t view flash videos or presentations with the default Safari browser, which means you’ll have to either use a third party application (costs money).
  8. It’s a fact that the iPad is quite powerful, but the fact is that you cannot upgrade it. Netbooks on the other hand allow you to both upgrade their RAM and hard drives, or install a new operating system that is more responsive.

Since I own both an iPad and two netbooks, I must say that both of them have their benefits. An iPad can beat a netbook with its power capability, the large number of applications that you can install and the fact that it’s “more” portable. But a netbook batters the iPad with its capability and functionality.

The most important issue I have witnessed is the keyboard issue. The onscreen iPad keyboard is limited and you end up buying an Apple wireless keyboard at an additional cost whereas netbooks being smaller laptops still support comfortable keyboards that enable you to quickly perform your work or leisure related tasks.

What would you choose?

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