Windows Phone 7 Personalization Options

January 29, 2011, By Christian Cawley

There’s only one thing you should be doing with a brand new phone – personalizing it! Whether its setting a ring tone or changing the look and layout, you will probably want to have a play around, access the phone’s settings and start your personalization.

Windows Phone 7 offers various personalization options, from the ability to set wallpaper in the Pictures Hub to the various choices for the background and tiles and accents (links) used in the Metro user interface.

Applying personalization to Windows Phone 7

Pictures Hub and Wallpaper

There are a couple of personalization options in the Pictures Hub, where you can either specify an image to be used as the hubs background and Start screen tile image or let the phone decide for you.

To specify an image, visit the Pictures Hub and tap and hold the screen and select Change background – you can then browse your images to choose something suitable. Meanwhile you can let the operating system choose an image via the main Pictures Hub screen by selecting Change it for me.

In order to apply wallpaper – typically seen as a screen saver when you wake your phone, visit the People Hub and browse through your pictures until you find the one you want and view it. While in view mode, drag the three ellipses (…) to display the menu and select Use as wallpaper.

Changing the Ringtone

There are two ways to change the ringtone on a Windows Phone 7 handset. You may either select a general ringtone for all callers or a specific ringtone for a particular person.

To see what options are available for setting general ringtones, go to Settings > Ringtones and Sounds. Here you can set a Ringtone from the vast selection of onboard tunes, as well as enable and disable the Ringer and Vibrate.

As well as ringtones, alerts can be set for a New text message, New voicemail and New email, while you can also toggle whether to play a sound for Appointment reminders, Key press, when you Lock and unlock the phone and for other notifications.

Setting an individual ringtone is just as simple, and can be performed via the People Hub where you will find all of your mobile contacts.

To set this up, browse through the People Hub to find the contact you want to apply a specific ringtone to, and open their profile. Tap Edit (via the menu at the bottom of the screen) and in the next screen tap + Ringtone; this will then open a new menu from where you can select any of the Windows Phone 7 ringtones to be applied. You might do this for just one contact or for all of them; in this case the default ringtone would be used when you receive calls from someone not in your contacts list.

Theme and Accent

Changing the background colour and accent – the colour used on the Start screen tiles and links – is easily done.

To access the theme settings, go to Settings > Theme where you will find two drop down menus – Background and Accent Colour; all you need to do to change the way your phone’s start screen and other native screens look is to change the colours here. You will notice that there is only a chance of Dark and Light backgrounds, while many more options are available for the accents and tiles.

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