T-Mobile Sidekick 4G Pictures Spotted in the Wild

January 28, 2011, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

It wasn’t long back that T-Mobile had told its customers- the existing as well as the potential ones out there – that a new successor to the Sidekick handset would arrive soon. The new device, expected to come with HSPA+ compatibility, is now out in the open in the form of leaked images.

Though not many details are visible in the pictures, we get to learn what features could possibly be accompanying the device. The handset, to be called the Sidekick 4G, is an innovation that rolls out of the Samsung labs and would run a customized version of Android 2.2.1.

But then, before you finalize your shopping plans, let us also tell you that nobody’s sure as to whether this is a final prototype of the device that has been found in the wild.  Who knows, a newer version of Android OS could adorn the phone when it actually arrives.

Going by the pictures that the guys at TmoNews have stumbled upon, the phone carries a display with a sliding feature that opens at a forward angle.  Something similar to what he had earlier seen in the Nokia N97, this feature could be one charmer of a design that could lure customers.

Other aspects we get to see in the pictures include a front-facing camera, which we think is aimed at allowing video chat. A QWERTY keyboard, spruced up with a bright hued shift key, is something that attracts our attention.

Look for more in the images. See if you can spot an elusive key or an additional feature that we might have missed. Tell us too if you find any.

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