Notion Ink Adam Tablet Gets Torn Apart at FCC

January 28, 2011, By Leo Xavier

The last time we reported about Notion Ink’s iPad killer, the Adam tablet, was when the device started to arrive on the doorsteps of those who had pre-ordered the device. But, as you know, the device had come with an update problem, but the company soon took care of it in a hurry. Now, we have some teardown pictures of the device, which comes to us courtesy of FCC.

As you might already know, although the prototype of the Adam tablet was shown off more than a year ago, the final product did not get clearance from the FCC until earlier this month.

After getting FCC certification, the device started to ship. But we did not see any of the pictures of the innards of the Android tablet, which were expected from the FCC.

We have now got a chance to take a peek at the device’s internal construction. But the inside of the tablet is a stark contrast to the sleek and high-quality internal construction for say an Apple iPad or the Samsung Galaxy Tab.

According to Engadget, some of the connections seem to be made by hand and that the low build quality might result in issues in the future.

But as long as the device works properly, will any one care about the build quality?

You can check out more of the teardown pics here.

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