Nokia to Choose Android or Windows Phone?

January 28, 2011, By Christian Cawley

In a fascinating but not entirely unexpected development, it seems that Nokia are considering their options with regards to moving forward with a mobile platform other than Symbian.

Nokia to abandon Symbian for Android?

The failure of Symbian^3 to set the world on fire (and struggling to ignite a load of dry wood with a match and some gasoline) has lead the Finns to look at alternatives to their long-running but currently bottom-of-the-class operating system.

Several years ago Nokia were rumoured to be involved in developing an Android device following the platform’s launch, and while its more than likely something that has been researched nothing was ever released to the public.

However with Android and now Windows Phone 7 proving to be attractive devices for big names like LG, Samsung and HTC, and with Nokia’s fortunes looking pretty shabby now could be the time for a move to one or more new operating systems and a new era of success.

In the meantime Nokia have been working with Intel for some time now on the new MeeGo mobile OS, which you’ll be hearing a lot more about in the coming weeks and months.

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