Using the Android Market

January 27, 2011, By Christian Cawley

The Android platform is probably the most flexible and versatile mobile operating system around, offering an immense selection of apps and games that are largely provided by single developers (or small teams) access to which largely depends on the quality of the app in question. Taking full advantage of peer review, the Android Market can be a tough place for some first-time developers, where some scathing judgments about poor compatibility with an Android 1.5 handset can see the app rated down, never to be seen again.

Using the Android Market

Thanks to this peer review system, the Market is also pretty safe, with the many hundreds of users offering ratings and feedback highlighting any insincere apps that might find their way onto the Market.

Finding and Installing Apps on the Android Market

To get started with the Android Market, you will need to tab the small shopping bag icon on your Android phone. With an active internet connection, this will allow you access to the Market.

A quick note about mobile internet: if you’re planning to install larger apps or games, you might opt to switch to Wi-Fi in order to download them if your data plan is less than generous.

Browsing the Market for apps is simple. Split into Apps, Games and current Downloads, the Market also has a Search facility. All you need to do to add an app is to select the one you want, and click the Install button under the description. If the app has a price attached to it, the Install button will instead read Buy.

Don’t forget to check the Comments tab for feedback, while the Similar tab will display alternatives that should server a similar purpose.

Removing Apps from Android

Even simpler than installing Android apps is the method for removing them. All you need to do is to browse to Menu > Settings > Applications > Manage applications and scroll through the list of installed applications for the one you wish to remove.

When you have found the app in question, select it and choose Uninstall to begin the process of removal from your Android.

Any installed third party app can be uninstalled in this way.

Browser-Based Market Viewers

There is every chance that you won’t want to check apps in the Market via your mobile device every time – you might prefer the idea of a browser-based interface that can be used to display the app’s details, rating, and any other useful information.

While downloading isn’t possible via sites such as these (installing an Android app via your PC is fiddly), you can quickly browse to the download link on your phone via a QR link for use with a barcode scanning app.

Top sites for viewing the Android Market include and – try them now!

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