Sentinel and Hsien-Ko Confirmed for Marvel vs Capcom 3

January 27, 2011, By Christian Davis

Yesterday, it was rumored that Sentinel was going to be in the game. With magazine screens being faked all the time it was hard to tell if they were legitimate(even though they were very convincing.) Now, they are both confirmed to appear in the game and we’ve got videos to prove it.

First is Hsien-Ko. The long sleeved Darkstalkers character has been requested by fans for some time and is one of the most obscure as they come. She has long range, extensive combos, and is very powerful. Check out her video below.

Next up is fan favorite as well as worst enemy Sentinel. In Marvel vs Capcom 2, players either hated him or loved him. Sentinel has the infamous rocket punch, 8 hit combos that will demolish your health bar, and update super combos to make your jaw drop. Check out the video below.

Marvel vs Capcom 3 is coming out on February 15th. Get your arcade sticks ready.

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