Breach Destroys the First Person Shooter

January 27, 2011, By Christian Cawley

Available this week via Steam and Direct2Drive – as well as your local gaming store – is Breach, a fantastic new game for Xbox 360 and Windows PC that features top secret in-game hardware based on equipment used in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Shelter Behind Destructable Cover in Breach for Xbox 360 and PC

Developed by Atomic Games, a company with a history of bringing military simulations to relevant and interested US agencies, Breach is a huge multiplayer combat game that is the first shooter to use the concept of landscape destruction to change the nature of combat.

This pretty much means that you can devastate structures and use them as cover, or cower behind a block of concrete as bullets slowly erode it.

In the UK Breach is rated 16, while in the USA it is rated T for Teen; this isn’t a game for kids, and features a great deal of simulated violence with a very slick first person camera.

Atomic Games’ Peter Tamte is thrilled by the release of Breach, which is likely to be an influential title on the FPS genre.

“We are proud to release an original title that has the quality and innovation of a major retail game at a price anyone can afford.

“By using technology orignally built for Six Days in Fallujah, Breach offers features no one else can match at any price. Our destruction and cover systems will forever change the way games are played.”

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