Amazon Kindle Arrives on Windows Phone 7

January 27, 2011, By Christian Cawley

One thing that has been missing since the launch of Windows Phone 7 is an eBook reader. Despite some well meaning but confusing attempts to combine eBooks with social networking (Windows Phone 7 might be the most social phone ever, Copia, but that was just baffling!) Amazon have finally got their finger out and released a Kindle app for the new Microsoft mobile platform.

Amazon Kindle arrives on Windows Phone 7

Offering the sort of UI integration you would expect on a Windows Phone 7 handset, the Kindle app provides access to the Amazon Kindle library of apps as well as the vast number of books available from Project Gutenberg.

EBooks from the long-running digitizing project are presented free in the Amazon Kindle store, and all you need to access them or start browsing the rest of the massive selection of eBooks on offer for your Windows Phone 7 handset is an Amazon login.

Of particular interest at this stage is the ability to read the eBooks on different phones; the HTC HD7 features a large LCD TFT display, whereas the Samsung Omnia 7 offers an almost-as-big S-AMOLED display. One would expect the Samsung to offer a more comfortable reading experience, although different reading modes are avaliable…

The Amazon Kindle app for Windows Phone 7 is waiting for you, either via the Marketplace on your phone or your Zune desktop client – and its free!

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