Permanently Delete Files By Date

January 26, 2011, By Christian Cawley

Managing a folder of documents, MP3s, images and other files can prove difficult. While you might begin with the best of intentions, and sort your files into what appears to be a sensible hierarchy, these can come unstuck over time, with new files being saved that don’t fit into any pre-conceived notions of the data types you have saved.

Permanent deletion with Delete Files by Date

Or you might prefer to just dump everything in one folder.

Both methods are fine, and while one might make things slightly easier to find, as long as the data is safe and shows up in the Windows search you shouldn’t have any problems.

However as good as the Windows search facility is, there are alternatives that make it easier to find your data.

One such example is Delete Files By Date which provides you with a selection of files that you can quickly delete by searching on the date – either of creation, modification, last access or over a date range.

Using Delete Files By Date

Available from [] this app is available as a free 15-day trial. Not only does it help you to find the files that you want by searching based on date, it also deletes them permanently from your system.

After downloading and installing the 4.1 MB file you can get started with Delete Files By Date straightaway. Before you get started, for the sake of safety, give the utility a password, in the Tools > Settings screen. Note that the password must be no more than 7 characters long.

With Delete Files By Date installed on your PC, you are able to search for and shred any file – not a privilege you would wish anyone else to have over your data!

Searching for Files to Permanently Delete

Delete Files By Date gives you the opportunity to search for and completely delete files on your PC based on the files’ creation, modification and last accessed date. You can also search for data of a specific file type, and when the search is complete you are given the opportunity to select one or more files and delete them.

Using the search tool is easy – select the All files or Specify file option as appropriate and then select a date, using the dropdown selector to choose Created Date, Modified Date or Accessed Date. The middle selector will let you choose a date range or a specific date, and you can also specify either a single Date or a Date and Time.

Delete Files By Date also lets you specify a size in bytes, kilobytes, megabytes and gigabytes, and using the Add button you can specify a location to search – you won’t be able to run a search until this is done, as it enables the Find button.

Deleting Data with Delete Files By Date

When the data you are looking for is listed in the search results, deleting it is simply a case of left-clicking to select the appropriate row and then clicking Delete. You can employ the usual Windows conventions of CTRL and left click and SHIFT and left click to select multiple items or a large selection to delete.

If you’re unsure where data that you want to delete might be stored, or even if you just want to take advantage of a permanent deletion tool, Delete Files By Date is one to try.

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