Install and Uninstall Apps on Windows Phone 7

January 26, 2011, By Christian Cawley

A new phone means new apps – and this is particularly true of Windows Phone 7, which already has around on the Marketplace. Several thousand good quality apps and games area currently available for the platform, enabling you to use your phone as a measuring device, a light saber, an internet radio player and even as a gaming machine.

Install and Uninstall apps on Windows Phone 7

There are many more uses for Windows Phone 7 devices thanks to the efforts of developers around the world – but how do you get a new app onto your phone?

And once there, if you don’t like the app, how exactly do you remove it?

Finding and Installing Apps for Windows Phone 7

There are two ways to install an app on your Windows Phone 7. The first is via the Marketplace Hub on your handset. Before proceeding, check that you have a generous data plan as this might be required; otherwise switch to Wi-Fi mode.

When browsing the Marketplace, you should be able to find lots of different apps n various categories. Tap an app to view its details, where you should get an idea of the purpose, view some screenshots and also see a rating and some reviews. Show Details will expand the listing, while More Reviews will allow you to read more feedback and ratings from other users.

To install an app to Windows Phone 7 via the Marketplace, click Try or Buy, depending on whether you’re planning to use the trial version or the paid version. Even if the app is free, select Buy, where you should be charged 0.00.

Installing Apps and Games via the Zune Desktop Client

You might prefer to install apps via Zune, which will save your mobile network bandwidth. With your phone hooked up to your PC or laptop via USB, wait for the Zune client to open and then browse to Marketplace > Apps. From here, browse for the app you want to install, view its details and rating as necessary, and select the Buy, Trial or Free button to begin the transaction.

On the confirmation screen, all you need to do is click Install and the game or app will be installed via your computer. This method is preferable for larger games, particularly those with Xbox LIVE integration.

Uninstalling Windows Phone 7 Apps

Some apps are great and you might wish to keep them on your phone long-term. Others are possibly not so appealing and you might wish to discard with these after you have used them, particularly if you prefer to free up space for MP3s and video.

In order to do this, find the app concerned on your phone. If it is a game, check the Games Hub, while apps can be found in the programs list.

To uninstall the software concerned, tap and hold the appropriate icon and select Uninstall from the context menu. This will then prompt Windows Phone 7 to remove the app or game!

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