Free Nationwide UK Wi-Fi from O2

January 26, 2011, By Christian Cawley

Great news for folk in the UK – while the 4G network is some years away from being available in the Sceptered Isle, o2 are jumping into the nationwide broadband market.

UK get free wi-f- from o2

Tuning into the need for widespread access for mobiles, tablets, netbooks, laptops and games consoles over the next few years, the roll out is in fact an expansion of a currently modest network that will see 450 o2-owned sites, shops and restaurants all offering free wireless internet for road warriors and cafe writers by 2013.

The project is likely to reap considerable benefits for both the businesses hosting the service and o2 themselves.

Not only are o2 offering a service that no other UK mobile network has the technical support or infrastructure to reliably provide, they’re also offering the wireless internet access free for everyone, subscriber or not, intending to fund day to day operating costs with advertising. Giving something away free is always a winner and o2’s free wireless internet is likely to be very popular.

While free, there will no-doubt be a fair use policy attached to the service; however it could free a lot of people up from having home broadband connections (or indeed home telephone lines) and send them into city centres otherwise suffering under the current economic climate.

Unlike national landline provider BT, the o2 wi-fi network would use premium hotspots as opposed to unused residential internet connections.

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