Evil Controllers is declaring February as Girl Gamer Month

January 26, 2011, By Christian Davis

Once  predominantly  ran by guys, girls are now a big part of the gaming industry. No, booth babes don’t count.

Evil Controllers is proud to announce that February is going to be dedicated to the girl gamers of the world. February 1st marks the release of brand new imaging for all of Evil’s controllers, the tough as nails yet stylish Pink Camouflage controller. A little bit of pink might just be what everyone’s game needs, men and women alike.

What is Evil Controllers doing exactly? They’re coming out with some special edition controllers and gear aimed at the female gamers.

According to the Press Release:

The Pink Camo controller will be discounted to begin with, or can be bought together with the Girl Gamer Evil Bundle, a basket of goodies we hope will make any girl smile.

The bundle will include the Pink Camo controller with a basic Auto burst mod that can be upgraded at extra cost; a brand new tank top released from Evil vs. Evil; an extra pair of Evil Sticks; and Evil’s signature keychain. The shirt will include Evil’s logo with a bit of a feminine twist.

Sounds like a really cool bundle to me(shown above). The Pink Camo Imaging add-on will sell at a discounted price of $34.99, marked down from retail price of $44.99, and can be added to any of our modded controllers. A non-modded Pink Camo Controller will sell for $79.99, ten dollars off of retail price $89.99. The Bundle will sell for $154.99, giving buyers a $110 discount from the total value of $264.99. The tank top will be sold separately at $14.99.

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