Batman: Arkham City Trailer Leaked; Shows Co-op

January 26, 2011, By Christian Davis

In the off chance that  this trailer is fan made, give these people a job immediately. This morning a “leaked” trailer for The Dark Knights latest adventure surfaced on the internet. Yes, you’re reading the title correctly. A co-op trailer. It’s not necessarily what you’re think however.

The trailer does not show his sidekick Robin, Batgirl, or Nightwing. Batman is fighting along side, the Joker. It’s not gameplay, but it does show them taking down henchmen with ease.

Not only are they fighting together, they also appear to have some moves they do together. For instance, Batman throws the Joker at a henchman  who then gets rendered unconscious. Or the Joker slides under another bad guy grabs his leg and Batman is then able to deliver a concussive blow.

Unclear if this will be a part of the story, but will more than likely be a challenge mode similar to that of Arkham Asylum.

Here’s the trailer below.

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