Windows Phone 7 Share to Grow?

January 25, 2011, By Christian Cawley

Multiple sources are reporting this week that Windows Phone 7 is enjoying some growth within the smartphone market, something that Microsoft are yet to confirm after remaining extremely secretive about their new mobile platform.

Windows Phone 7 market share to grow in 2011?

First of all, Tony Cripps of analysts Ovum claimed that Windows Phone 7 will be the mobile platform to watch in 2011 with its “unique and very desirable take on the smartphone user interface” adding that:

“Microsoft is finally managing to harness the evident design and user experience nous of its Xbox, Zune and Windows Live teams to create a proposition that is more than the sum of its parts.”

“With Microsoft’s loyal developer base now having a new target, we can expect Microsoft to increase its portion of mobile developer mindshare in 2011.”

The impact of this could be two-fold, with both Windows Phone 7 and Android benefiting while iPhone continues to stagnate, based on a once-revolutionary but now 4 years old user interface.

Also of interest is the news that Windows Phone 7 Facebook app users have increased in number. Earlier this month when it was revealed that 1.5 million devices had been shipped to suppliers, there were 209,000 users of the app. Since then, however, usage of the app now stands at 500,000, indicating (when extrapolated) that 2 million devices are now in use.

Of course it remains educated guessing and speculation until Microsoft finally and formally come clean.

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