White iPhone 4 could be well on its way out: 16GB and 32 GB Versions of Apple’s elusive gadget make an appearance on AT&T & Best Buy Systems!

January 24, 2011, By Shawn Wagnon

The White iPhone has now become legendary. It is like this mystic and magical little device from the high offices of the Apple kingdom that is beyond the reach of us mere mortals with mundane lifestyle and income. And why? Because General Steve Jobs and his army have been unable to produce matching white buttons! Really ridiculous, if you think about it, but those on it say it ain’t that simple.

The new now is that the White version of the iPhone has once again surfaces both on Best Buy and AT&T internal systems and latest leaks indicate that they might finally be on their way out. Of course, this kind of a thing happened several times before and the last time Apple was asked about the White iPhone 4, they said “March”.

So maybe this is indeed true and the paler cousin of the black iPhone 4 is soon going to hit the stores. While no pricing details are available yet, it cannot be long before those details also trickle (leak) out. The ironic thing will be though, that the moment you get a White iPhone 4, someone might be just sporting the next generation iPhone a couple of days later… Not cool at all Apple!

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