Sony PSP2 now rumored to be sporting OLED touchscreen & 3G capabilities as leaks precede the release!

January 24, 2011, By Shawn Wagnon

The news about the Sony’s PSP2 has just not stopped since the day people have found out that it is on its way out. There already have been a million rumors that have made their way out, none have been confirmed with certainty and most seem nothing but the extended imaginations of over-zealous PSP fans. That said, the latest piece of news comes from a very reliable source (Nikkei newspaper from Japan) and claims that the PSP2 will have 3G capabilities.

With the amount of news flowing around about PSP2, one just hopes that the January 27th release lives up to the expectations that it has built up in most of our minds. The news also coming is that the latest version of PSP will come with a grand OLED touchscreen display that with floor you with its powerful dynamics.

With 3G a part of it you can now hopefully enjoy full game downloads over networks and even engage in multi-player battle. That is of course if your networks support the features and offer you the services. The plan apparently is to do so in Japan right away. And for those left wondering what this means for the Playstation Phone, you still can’t make calls over PSP2!

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