Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 vs. Apple iPad 2: Will the rumored 3D-Display of Galaxy Tab 2 knock the wind out of the ‘iPad revolution’? (Video Inside)

January 24, 2011, By Shawn Wagnon

The video of the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 has been leaked and by now it must have sunk into everyone enough to take a more balanced look at it and understand what the next generation of Galaxy Tab has to offer. The most striking feature of the video that caught the attention of the media frenzy is obviously the ‘3D Display’. So, will this give Samsung the cutting edge in its battle against Apple? Will the Apple-iPad dominance on the tablet market finally end?

It probably is a premature to decide on winners even before the actual products are out based on rumored features and such, but it has just been the way in which the 3D display of the Galaxy Tab 2 has hit us that, maybe it is worth stepping back and giving a preview of the battle to come. Let us see how they stack up so far from what we know:

Displaying Delights:

The screen and display matter the most when it comes to picking a tab and while those more technically knowledgeable look deeper inside, most people look at the display and UI to make a choice. The iPad 2 was rumored to get the iPhone 4-like Retina Display. But even the 2054×1536 resolution might be hard to achieve unless they ramp up their RAM considerably. The Galaxy Tab 2 is rumored to be offering 2048×1200 resolution along with the now 3D display.

iPad 2 will have the advantage of the bigger screen, but if it does not step up on resolution, then the Galaxy Tab will just blow it away in this department thanks to the added advantage of 3D Display

Powering Up:

Recent reports indicate that Nvidia will be launching a new Tegra 2 3D processor clocking 1.2 GHz targeted at tablets and that is what apparently will give the Galaxy Tab 2 its 3D Display Power. You will find an improved Tegra 2 dual-core chip inside the iPad 2, but that might well fall short of what Samsung has to offer.

Reports today also pointed to1 GB RAM and 64 GB of internal storage for the Galaxy Tab 2. Something again he iPad 2 might fall short of unless there is a surprise in store that we are not aware of.

It all comes down to the RAM inside the iPad 2 and if Apple can pick themselves up in that department.

Dual-camera Feature:

The 8MP-rear facing camera and 3MP-front facing camera of the Galaxy Tab 2 rip iPad 2’s 1MP rear camera and 0.3 MP VGA front-facing cameras to shreds. This is an absolute no contest and if the Galaxy Tab 2 supports HD Video calling there will be people who will buy it just for that single feature.

Galaxy Tab 2’s rumored specs win!

At the end of the day, it looks like the RAM inside the iPad 2 will decide this battle. Better RAM means more features and improved display that will make the iPad 2 more capable. Also, there is the ‘Apple Factor’. There are guys to whom we tell this whole lot and they just come up with “I just want an Apple product” for an argument. Cannot argue with that!!

This of course is based on just the ‘probable specs’ and the real battle begins once we see both the tablets out for display! So which one is your choice?

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