Motorola Xoom at Best Buy Launching on Feb 17th for $699.99

January 24, 2011, By Leo Xavier

We had reported about the leak of a Verizon internal document that had brought out the possible cost of the Motorola Xoom Android Honeycomb tablet on the carrier. If you were disappointed after reading about that leak, the new leak will certainly be relieving to you.

The fresh leak, which comes courtesy of DroidAttic, has brought out some Best Buy documents that are suggesting that the upcoming tablet will have a price tag of $699.99, and it will be launched on the 17th of next month.

This price is indeed much better since it is $100 cheaper than what the leaked Verizon document stated. And it is also happy news that the device is coming in February, since earlier it was being said that it will be available during Q1 this year.

While the new price does appear to be a bit more ‘reasonable’, the question arises whether Verizon’s alleged $800 price tag is real or not.

As you might know, the carrier does allow its retail partners to set their own price for the device. But, will it really allow Best Buy to sell it for $100 cheaper.

So far, there hasn’t been any confirmation on the matter, we will let you know as soon as there is an official announcement. So, stay tuned.

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