Motorola Xoom Android Honeycomb Tablet Might Sell for $799 on Verizon; HTC Thunderbolt for $249

January 24, 2011, By Leo Xavier

Lots have been written about the Motorola Xoom tablet, and the latest we have for you is a possible pricing of the device. The tablet that would come on Verizon in the US, will most probably be available for you to pick during the current quarter itself.  The Xoom will sport a hefty $799 price tag, which we think is an unsubsidized price for now. The pricing, by no means, can be considered cheap. Besides the Xoom, we also get to know that the HTC Thunderbolt could come with a more subsidized price tag.

An internal Verizon document, spotted by guys at Android Central, lists the price of the upcoming device. The first dual-core tablet that is gearing up for release will also be the first device to ship with Google’s Android 3.0 Honeycomb OS.

In case it didn’t occur to you, let’s tell you this price is almost $70 more than what the iPad – equipped with the same 32GB of storage – sells for. The price could however be assumed as unsubsidized. The leaked document makes it known that the pricing period lasts between January 21 and July 21, although it may ship February 14.

Verizon might also bring in an upgrade to 4G so that the tablet could ride their LTE network, and this has been confirmed by the official Xoom website. The price, almost attempting to float near the $800 mark, might be a put off from many of you out there.

Meanwhile, the document also has mention of the HTC ThunderBolt LTE smartphone, priced at $249. This price tag makes it the second most expensive smartphone currently on sale outside of the iPhone 4. The device is likely to carry its own premium for 4G.

We tend to think that the price of the phone as revealed by Verizon is likely to imitate the way Sprint tried for its first 4G phones. This might give better value through the 32GB storage option and the faster LTE.

Let us know what you think of the Motorola Xoom pricing. Would you buy the device for that price?

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