Microsoft Invite Windows Phone 7 Hacks

January 24, 2011, By Christian Cawley

Following their astonishing welcoming of the Chevron WP7 hack team with coffee, donuts and t-shirts at Redmond recently, Microsoft have once again flown in the face of Sony and Apple sponsored terrorism of anyone who attempts to hack its intellectual property and offered a free development handset to anyone that can find a way around the heavy controls in place on the handsets.

Microsoft invite Windows Phone 7 hacks

While the Chevron WP7 tool did the job of enabling side-loading of apps to Windows Phone 7 handsets – thereby bypassing the Marketplace and allowing any Tom, Dick or Harry from writing and installing an app on the phone, this exploit is set to be closed with the impending, any-day-soon arrival of the first Windows Phone 7 update.

So is it all a PR stunt, or is the WP7 development team at Microsoft (and their eagle-eyed attorneys) being a bit cleverer than that?

Could it be that the whole “search for a hack” is just an example of very cheap exploit detection paid for with an unlocked Windows Phone 7 handset and some software?

We’ll wait and see – meanwhile GeoHot of PlayStation 3 jailbreaking fame is said to be interested…

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