Making Calls at Home and Abroad with Windows Phone 7

January 24, 2011, By Christian Cawley

Windows Phone 7 is a fantastic platform, offering mobile office functionality, apps, games – and a telephone! It is easy to get carried away with all of the additional features a smartphone has, which is one of the reasons why the Windows Phone 7 design team made the platform so easy to use, taking advantage of all the best functions available and streamlining them into one seamless mobile operating system

A case in point is the telephone functionality on Windows Pone 7, which enables users to make calls by entering the number directly, pulling the number from the People hub and to easily make phone calls while abroad without worrying about entering the right dialing code.

Windows Phone 7 keypad

Making Calls with Windows Phone 7

The phone icon is naturally the main root into making calls with Windows Phone 7, and the first thing you will see is a Call History list of previous called contacts and numbers. This can be scrolled through, or you might tap and press an individual item to delete the number from your history. Deleting the entire history is possible by dragging the three ellipses (…) and choosing Delete All.

Phone numbers can be entered via the keypad button, which presents a large and easy to use keypad for you to immediately Call a number or Save to your contacts.

Your contacts are managed via the People hub, and access to this can be achieved via the phone screen, allowing you to scroll through your contacts (which may or may not be synced with Windows Live or Facebook ) allowing you to find the one you want and access their profile, where you can call them via any saved telephone number.

Also via the phone screen you can call your network voicemail (if available) via the Voicemail button. This will put you straight through to your voicemail box without authentication, allowing quick and easy access to this service.

Making International Calls with Windows Phone 7

If you plan to make a call to someone in a foreign country (and this is permitted under the terms of your cellphone contract) then you can simply enter the full international code and local number of the person you are trying to contact using the telephone keypad.

However if you’re a frequent flyer who regularly makes use of their mobile device, Microsoft have added a useful additional feature. Accessed via the Call Settings menu (Settings > Applications > Phone or by dragging the three ellipses (…)) the International Assist feature automatically corrects any mistakes you might make when dialling internationally. This feature is enabled via the sliding of an on-screen switch in the Call Settings screen.

Via the Call Settings screen, tools such as Call Forwarding are available, and you can enable, disable and change your SIM PIN number.

Also available here is the ability to show your caller ID to either Everyone, No One or My Contacts – a useful tool for retaining your privacy when making calls to businesses who might be interested in farming your mobile number for promotional purposes.

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