Apple App Store hits 10 billion Downloads mark: iPhone, iPod & iPad collectively create a new milestone in software distribution!

January 24, 2011, By Shawn Wagnon

10 Billion downloads is a lot no matter which ever way you wish to look at it. Even the most cynical Apple observer must look at this stat and agree that for the present moment at least, there is little competition to the Apple App Store from the other mobile platforms. That said, maybe by 2015 Android App Store might be a more serious threat to the monopoly. But for now the success of the iPad and the Verizon iPhone have given Apple a new lease of life.

Apple reached the 10 billion downloads mark this Saturday night (22nd January) and of all the millions of apps available it was the free app of Paper Glider that was the 10 millionth app to be downloaded. It was done by Gail Davis from Orpington in Kent. Well, in fact it was his daughter who did that and thanks to the download Gail now gets $10,000 worth iTunes Gift Card!

So that probably ensures that he can but plenty of stuff from the iTunes Store and if he is only downloading apps with that then it might last a lifetime or so. But Apple’s phenomenal success with the App Store and its business model are the bigger winners here with median revenue per year for each app developed slated around $8,700. Some apps have made millions overnight, while others have been encouraged to try.

With Google’s Android following the footsteps and maybe WP7 not too far behind expect the Apps market to grow exponentially in the next few years… So what App did you download recently?

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