BlackBerry Curve Sedona Pictures Surface; Looks Ultra-thin

January 22, 2011, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

RIM has had a ‘business-users only’ tag while making their handsets, and it seems the phone maker is now trying out something different with their next-gen Curve series device called the Sedona. Being lined up as an entry-level handset, the BlackBerry Curve Sedona comes about as an ultra-thin mobile phone and is almost half the size of the BlackBerry Bold 9700/80.

Running OS 6.1, the BlackBerry Sedona incorporates 512MB RAM and an ultra thin EM1 battery. The display size is akin to what we had earlier seen on the Bold 9780 – though a bit shorter by the 9780 standards. RIM has thrown in some added resolution features to the Sedona screen, and that’s something more than any BlackBerry device has got so far.

On 3G bands 1,the GSM/CDMA phone is being internally called the R010. We expect the Sedona name to stay, but we never know if RIM is weighing other names too.

Not many details of the phone have yet been revealed. However, a few pictures of the handset have been sneaked out of the RIM labs, and they make us wait in anticipation. We just hope RIM to leave out more details of the BlackBerry Curve Sedona soon.

It seems we may have to wait a bit more to know what RIM has in mind with regard to pricing and availability. Stay tuned as we go hunting for more.

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