Windows Phone 7’s German Success

January 21, 2011, By Christian Cawley

The truth about Windows Phone 7’s sales figures might be some way from being formally confirmed by Redmond, but there remains a buzz about the popular mobile platform, particularly in Germany.

Windows Phone 7 - selling well in Germany

Teutonic mobile phone users have been snapping up the new mobile platform from Microsoft with regularity if the enthusiastic response from Deutsche Telekom is anything to go by. Ingo Hofacker is Deutsche Telekom’s Head of Consumer Marketing, and as such he certainly has his fingers on the pulse as to which mobile devices sell and which don’t across the European Union.

“We are ahead of budget, Microsoft is very pleased.”

Like all other sales-related talk regarding the platform – which is held together by the remarkable Metro user interface – there isn’t much in the way of figures and charts. But then neither Microsoft nor Deutsche Telekom have  been making out that the platform is going to take over the world. Microsoft made it clear early on that Windows Phone 7 was them effectively “re-entering” the smartphone market with a brand new device and platform.

While there are one or two unnecessary bugs floating around, Windows Phone 7 is good enough to become a realistic alternative to Android and iOS – and it seems that buyers in Germany at least have recognised this.

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