Verizon iPhone 4 Commercial Video Hits YouTube

January 21, 2011, By Leo Xavier

Verizon has released its first commercial for the carrier’s much anticipated CDMA version of the Apple iPhone 4. The new commercial announces the device’s arrival on Verizon’s network, while also addresses the angst revolving around the delay of the device.

As you might know, speculations about a Verizon iPhone have been reported so many times in all the tech sites ever since the iPhone was launched back in 2007.

And now, the carrier is all set to launch the new device on its network. The Verizon iPhone 4 will be launched in the US on the 10th of February, and all the customers will be able to get their hands on the new device that will run on the new CDMA chip.

The newly released commercial shows a number of ticking clocks with dramatic music and people fidgeting hands and tapping their feet.

It ends with the message, “To our millions of customers who never stopped believing this day would come: Thank you.”

Check out the video and you can share your thoughts with us in the box below. Are you someone who is eagerly waiting for the device to arrive?

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