Sprint Samsung Epic 4G Android 2.2 Froyo Update ASAP! Carrier Fails to Mention Exact Date

January 21, 2011, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

The Android 2.2 Froyo update for the Samsung Epic 4G on Sprint was due in December, but somehow the date got postponed. The carrier has now said in a tweet that customers may not have to wait for long as the update is reaching them ASAP!

It may be recalled that a leak had brought before us December 26th as the date for update. It was also supposed to come with additions such as Adobe Flash 10.1 Player and GPS enhancements. Though the scheduled date has gone by long back, this time around, Sprint has almost confirmed that the update will soon come.

The tweet reads thus: “Sprint & Samsung are working to release Froyo for Epic ASAP, but only after it meets rigorous testing criteria to ensure quality experience.” Let’s trust Sprint’s tweet this time.

But wait, has Sprint missed to state something in the tweet? We see an ASAP word there, but we would have loved to see an exact date from the carrier so that we could have at least got ready for the update to happen. Sprint has not been forthcoming as to when they can bring about the update.

Anyways, lets hope there is a date coming up. ASAP could be well round the bend. What do you think?

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