Notion Ink Adam Official Unboxing Pictures; Firmware Update Coming with the Tablet

January 21, 2011, By Leo Xavier

Notion Ink has just released some official unboxing pictures of its Adam tablet. These images have come after the company had announced that the new tablet was finally shipping. If you are someone who is eagerly awaiting the arrival of the device, you can just check out the images for now.

It seems that the company has put some serious thought into the packaging experience. The box, that the device comes in, converts into a desk-stand for you to prop the device up.

And it appears that the new device is also coming with a firmware update. You will be prompted for a firmware update soon after booting.

There has been no word from the company about what the update will be offering. But we believe that it will be for the company’s Eden UI and multitasking system, rather than the Android operating system.

And it is not known when the device will reach the hands of those who have pre-ordered it.

But we do know that the units will have to go from China to the main Notion Ink logistics center in Hong Kong, and then from there to the customers. You can keep checking your delivery status page; the company might update it soon.

If you haven’t selected the tablet that you will be buying, you can decide by checking out our list here.

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