Motorola Xoom to Break the Bank?

January 21, 2011, By Christian Cawley

As one of the big mobile phone manufacturers, Motorola were always going to be entering the tablet market. Their Xoom tablet has been high on many commentator’s lists as one of the devices that might offer a decent alternative to the iPad, thanks to it launching with the tablet-specific Android 3.0 Honeycomb OS.

Motorola Xoom to ship for £700?

However these expectations may prove to have been wide of the mark if news that the Motorola Xoom will have a price of £700 in the UK (over $1100) is accurate.

Motorola themselves have refused to confirm or deny the price, but remain confident that the tablet will become one of the best selling Android slates. Given the spec (a dual-core Nvidia CPU and Nvidia Tegra GPU, 1080p video playback and 720p recording) they certainly have a quality tablet on their hands.

Despite the weight their presence in the Android tablet market brings, however, pricing a device such as this so high as to be in the same price range as a Windows 7 tablet seems to be pitching things just a little bit too high. Could it be that Motorola are planning on putting a lot of promotion into the fact that their’s is set to be the first Android 3.0 tablet?

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