Are Google Preparing Chrome Tablets?

January 21, 2011, By Christian Cawley

Despite designing their new operating system specifically for netbooks and laptops and allowing the devices to take advantage of their extensive cloud computing services, Google are rumoured to be preparing an alternative version of the OS for tablets…

Google Chrome OS heading for tablets?

With Samsung and Acer working on keyboard-equipped devices, the flexibility of the new operating system – coupled with the online capabilities of Chrome OS and its predilection towards widgets and web base apps – seems likely to spawn a tablet variant, something that is more likely to occur sooner rather than later.

Electronics manufacturers are following Apple’s lead on an almost annual basis these days, with last year’s iPad release virtually creating a new market sector and heavily affecting PC sales over Christmas 2010.

The recent showing of Windows and Android tablets at CES – offering quite different functions and features while lining up in very similar devices – proves that 2011 is likely to be the year of the tablet computer, and with Microsoft announcing that Windows 8 will run on ARM processors, like Google they’re clearly planning on delivering a fully rounded mobile computing experience to users rather than a mobile OS.

So who will win – iOS and Android on their slimline, larger-than-a-mobile tablets or Google Chrome and Windows 8 with their “grown up” operating systems?

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