Windows Phone 7 Phantom Data

January 20, 2011, By Christian Cawley

Rumours that  Windows Phone 7 devices were constantly transferring data have refused to go away since the devices launched in October, with some users reporting 30-50MB daily being exchanged.

Windows Phone 7 phantom data explained

Microsoft have even been accused of spying on their users – mostly AT&T subscribers in the USA – but the truth is far less suspicious, although typically embarrassing. According to a report from Microsoft today, the real reason behind this phantom data transfer is an unnamed third party app.

However before you go Googling for the name of the app, take heed; there might be more than one, with Microsoft announcing that they are continuing to investigate other potential sources for amounts of up to 2GB.

Windows Phone 7 devices are equipped with 3G and are capable of downloading music and games from the web via the Windows Phone 7 Marketplace, while Microsoft advise larger apps and video clips to be downloaded via Wi-Fi.

It seems unlikely that any of Microsoft’s onboard apps should be the cause of the fault. Yet if there is more than one app contributing to some very high mobile phone bills in the USA, the fault would seem to be due to an app by a specific network or US-based service (such as AT&T’s U-verse), rather than a problem with the platform itself.

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