Nintendo 3DS Features Tilt Control and Bonus Content

January 20, 2011, By Christian Cawley

Following the launch of the Nintendo 3DS this week, more details have emerged concerning the hardware build and additional features that the platform will bring to mobile gaming, Nintendo-style.

The Nintendo 3ds features tilt control and bonus contentTo start with, the new consoles – in aqua blue or obsidian black – feature a 360 degree Circle Pad to achieve the freedom and precision to play in 3D worlds, evocative of the Nintendo 64 analog control stick. Additionally, the Nintendo 3DS has learned a few tricks from mobile phones, and features a motion sensor and a gyro sensor that react to movement, opening the floodgates for all manner of gaming possibilities!

Various fun applications are pre-loaded onto the Nintendo 3DS, which possesses three cameras – one user-facing and two outward-facing for taking 3D photographs.

Most interestingly the Nintendo 3DS features two networking tools, StreetPass and SpotPass. The former allows users to share information (Mii character data, in-game maps, etc) with other Nintendo 3DS users when they pass in the street, while the latter is a way of connecting your console to the web to download updates and content that will be made available for the devices. Any security concerns regarding StreetPass can be allayed by disabling it.

More than just a mobile gaming platform, the only thing that seems to be missing from the Nintendo 3DS is a phone!

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