Managing Contacts in Windows Phone 7

January 20, 2011, By Christian Cawley

The Windows Phone 7 People hub provides access to all of your contacts, populated either via your SIM card or via one or more social networking services you might have added to your device.

By bundling all of your contacts together in one place, the People Hub also allows you to link together contacts from different services- for instance you might have added Google contact details for someone added to your phone via Facebook, and these details can be easily linked to avoid duplication and also add the convenience of having that persons contact name, email addresses and phone numbers all in the same profile.

The magic of the People Hub is that it makes adding and managing all of these different ways of adding contacts to your phone very easy indeed.

Managing contacts in Windows Phone 7

Using the People Hub

The basic, default view of the People Hub is an empty one, waiting for c0ontacts to be added. This is something you can do manually, adding details via the + symbol or if you have your contacts saved to your SIM card you can use Settings > Applications > People to Import SIM Contacts to your handset.

You also have the choice of adding Facebook, Google and Windows Live contacts to your Windows Phone 7, and this is done via Settings > Applications > Email & accounts > Add an account, where you  can add any of the above accounts.

Note that this screen is also used to add your own email accounts, but regularly used contacts from non-Windows Live or Google accounts will not be imported.

It might take a little bit of time for the people hub to update with your new contacts (although it should be quicker if you’re on Wi-Fi) but once complete they will be listed under All. Selecting an individual contact will display any profile photo they have on Windows Live or Facebook, any recent status updates, any birthday they might include on either of the supported social networking services, mobile numbers, email addresses, webpage URLs and any other information that might have been added either by you or by them through a social networking service.

Updating and Editing Windows Phone 7 Contacts

You can easily edit these records if information becomes out of date – the three ellipses at the bottom of a profile screen will display a menu when dragged up offering the opportunity to Pin the profile to your Start screen, Link the profile with another or simply Edit the profile. You might also Delete the record if it is no longer required.

Linking profiles is easy – press the Link button and select Choose a contact to begin browsing through your contacts for a relevant duplicate record to link. If you make a mistake or just wish to remove a link, on the Link screen find the linked record, tap and press and choose Unlink from the menu.

Also note that via the People hub you can also quickly interact with regularly accessed contacts via the Recent tab – this will display a brief list of contacts that you can been in touch with recently, either by phone, text message or checking their details within the Hub.

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