Apple iPad 2 May Come With 2048×1536 Display

January 20, 2011, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Will the next generation Apple iPad come with a 2048×1536 display? This is one question that is being debated with much enthusiasm every time new info on the iPad 2 emerges. The topic has come up again following a fresh claim in this regard from the component makers’ end.

It is being said that the technology that will allow 2048×1536 display on the upcoming device is currently being tested. If the claims turn out to be true, we will have reasons to believe that such resolution would only be a logical extension of what Apple had brought in for their iPhone 4. If you would remember, when the iPhone came out with a 960×640 display, it was something we or you never expected.

Such big displays would incur added costs for Apple. But, considering that the company already has a long-term deal with LG Display, we guess the technology could come about for real on to the iPad2. Costs for the making of 2048×1536 display could be brought down with LG Display okaying the agreement with Apple.

Maybe, hurdles might come up in the form of the requirement in terms of more RAM and the numbers that LG Display may have to look at while producing the displays. Apple insiders are believed to have been playing with such big resolution displays and the numbers could rise just in time for the time of shipments.

Year 2012 might see that happen. Apple is expected to bring on at least 600,000 iPad 2 units ready for shipments when the device finally launches.

From what we get to know, Apple is now busy adjusting their iBooks 1.1 application so that a handful of new designs are being created on the bookmark icons. This move may be believed to be aimed at allowing the app to support the larger resolution.

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