Samsung Galaxy S Successor on Feb 13th? Teaser Proclaims Something Big is Coming!

January 19, 2011, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Something big is coming! That’s what Samsung is proclaiming. We know the company’s BIG plans for a new smartphone had been the talk among the tech press for quite some time now. The discussions have been based on rumors of a successor to Samsung’s highly popular Galaxy S.

Wit the new “Something big is coming!’ teaser that Samsung has put up on a new website created to this effect, the rumors have got real. The company seems to be putting to good use its ‘Samsung Unpacked’ events to bring to our midst the teaser for the upcoming phone.

Going by what Samsung says, this February 13th will see the phone maker unveiling a new phone, which presumably is the Galaxy S successor. Does the date February 13th ring a bell? A day later, at Spain’s Barcelona, the Mobile World Congress 2011 will get underway. May be Samsung is hoping to capitalize on the MWC hype well in advance.

The Samsung Galaxy S 2, though we aren’t  very sure as to what the phone will be called, could come in with an Android version and a higher resolution display. Further, it could also be laden with some extra storage space, higher quality camera and of course a battery set that could promise longer life.

We tend to thinks what Samsung has lined up could be the successor to the phone because the Galaxy S is also pictured close to the glowing space that yells out ‘Evolution is Fate’.

Keep a watch on the website that has the teaser of the upcoming device. Stay tuned as we go hunting for more on that.

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