Nokia’s Resistive Touchscreen Surprise

January 19, 2011, By Christian Cawley

It’s 2011, they’re falling behind in the smartphone stakes, so what does Finnish cellphone giant Nokia do? They go and release a new phone with a resistive touch screen. The Star Wars-sounding C5-03 as everything you might expect from a modern mobile device, but for some reason Nokia have skimped on the interface.

Nokia C5-03 with resistive touchscreenWhich is fair enough, when you consider that the UK price for this phone, unlocked, is £189 – but surely in this day and age of Androids, iPhones and tablets a capacitive touchscreen with all of the benefits that it brings would be more beneficial both to the users and Nokia’s shrinking market share?

At present, Nokia are still shipping their phones with the Symbian platform, so unless you’re a real fan of this platform or you’re not bothered about your mobile OS, you’ll be happy enough.

Elsewhere, the hardware specs are as you would expect, with C5-03 boasting over 6 million forms of communication HSDPA connectivity along with the expected Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 2.0 and 40 MB of internal memory which can be expanded up to 16 GB via microDS.

Another curious bone of contention is the 5 MP camera which while offering a 4x optical zoom apparently has no flash. Presumably Nokia expect Finnish users to only take photos in the summer…

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