Keep Your Drivers Updated with SlimDrivers

January 19, 2011, By Christian Cawley

Using the latest version of Windows Update in Windows 7 allows you to maintain system stability by letting the operating system periodically check online for updates to various system files, applications and drivers.

However this method isn’t perfect and your PC will only download suitable drivers if they are listed by Windows Update. As such a different solution is needed.

SlimDrivers is one such solution, offering the prize of system optimization for free by scanning your PC for missing, broken and out of date drivers and letting you download new drivers to improve the way your PC runs.

Even better, SlimDrivers is free, and very easy to use.

Update Windows 7 with SlimDrivers

Downloading and Installing SlimDrivers

You can get your free copy of SlimDrivers from; SlimDrivers is one of two update utilities available from this website, the other being the DriverUpdate tool which costs $29.95.

Click the Download link to get SlimDrivers; the download file is just 2.5MB so it should be complete pretty quickly. Installation is also fast and takes up 21MB on your hard disk drive. Note that the installer will require internet access. When you click finish, SlimDrivers will launch and again connect to the internet, so you will need to configure your firewall appropriately.

Various options are available with SlimDrivers, but the key functionality is available from the main screen (the Home tab) which displays an overview of your PC hardware.

SlimDriver Scans and Updates

Begin the process of checking your PC for missing or old drivers by clicking Start Scan. This might take a while to complete, but when done SlimDriver will display a total and a list of the drivers that need updating.

If you don’t want to download the items, put a tick in the ignore box, else click the Download Update button to begin the update for that item. Each update must be done individually, a useful feature if you like to stay in control of what ends up on your PC, and once complete you may need to restart your PC for the changes to take effect.

SlimDrivers and Windows Update

When the updated driver files are downloaded, they are added to Windows Update for you to install at your earliest convenience. This might seem strange as you can already get driver downloads from Windows Update.

So how exactly does SlimDrivers differ from Windows Update?

Well, SlimDrivers offers a way of checking drivers that might otherwise be overlooked by Windows Update, such as those for input devices, for instance, but while there is some duplication of tasks SlimDrivers offers a little more functionality. It does find drivers that Windows Update doesn’t, and while it uses Windows Update to add the downloads into the install queue it acts as a complementary utility rather than a replacement.

Drivers can be Uninstalled, the Options tab allows you to specify folders for backing up and restoring old drivers, and the Backup and Restore tools are provided in the event of a problem with your new driver.

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