HP/Palm Topaz & Opal webOS Tablets Surface Ahead of Feb 9 Event

January 19, 2011, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Remember HP had sent out invites for a February 9th event some time back? The invite had left us dreaming for something new from the company stables. Adding color to our dream, the new upcoming HP/Palm Topaz has emerged in the form of a rendering, and that makes us sit up in anticipation for the 9-inch tablet.

Besides the Topaz, HP is also said to be working on another webOS  7-inch tablet, nicknamed Opal. We are forced to believe the rendering also includes the Opal too. Pricing and availability details might come out at the Feb event.

From what we get to see,  the devices will come sporting no buttons whatsoever, and will boast of a front-facing camera, microUSB port  and a three-speaker module. We had earlier come across some grapevine talk of a  1.2GHz processor being incorporated into the Topaz and the Opal. The render almost confirms that.

The Topaz and Opal are expected to arrive ahead of mass production at the Palm headquarters and then will be lined up for release later during the year, says Engadget. What interests us is the looks of the devices, even as we wait to know what’s more on the specs department.

We get to look at a glossy exterior in the pictures that are out in the open now. And, that dismisses rumors that the devices would come with inductive charging capacity via the Touchstone charger. It’s a known fact that  inductive charging would require a matte back, and it is not the case here.

It may be recalled a couple of earlier leaks had dropped hints of Opal variants sporting Wi-Fi only, 3G (for AT&T ) and LTE (for Verizon) capabilities, and scheduled for a September debut.

It was also reported that the AT&T LTE version of the Opal would come around July 2012. We guess we will have to wait for February 9th to dawn so that we know for sure.

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