Final Marvel vs Capcom 3 Roster is 36(Not including DLC)

January 19, 2011, By Christian Davis

In a recent review from UK Magazine Games TM, the final roster for Marvel vs Capcom 3 is going to be set at 36. This fortunately doesn’t include DLC but this means that we don’t have many reveals left.

There are 34 characters revealed so far ( not including Jill and Shuma-Gorath which are included in the special edition version of the game). The two latest characters Akuma and Taskmaster bring the tally up to 34. So now there are only 2 characters left to be revealed.

The latest rumors suggest that it’s Spider-Man’s foe, The Green Goblin. The official comic tie in supposedly leaked this information even though the artist is claiming to not be involved.

Fans are still not completely happy with the games roster, so expect to see DLC characters fulfill some wishes. No one is rooting for Marrow, but Cyclops needs to be there at some point.

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