Baby Dies while Mom Plays Facebook Games

January 19, 2011, By Christian Davis

This is becoming too much of a habit with people lately. If you have a child that needs attention, the gaming should wait. It should be common knowledge. Unfortunately, another child as died thanks to irresponsibility.

Shannon Johnson, 34, was playing Cafe World and checking status updates while her 13-month-old son was in the bath. She could face up to 48 years in prison if convicted. The baby died of anoxic brain injury, cardiac arrest and drowning.

Why was the baby left alone in the first place? According to the mother, she didn’t want him to end up being a “mommas boy.”

“She started doing this when he really wanted to be left alone; he was a very independent baby. She also said she knew what it was like to be told no, she didn’t want her baby to be told no and didn’t want him to be known as a mama’s boy.”

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