Microsoft Welcome Windows Phone 7 Hackers

January 18, 2011, By Christian Cawley

When news circulated that the protection on Windows Phone 7 had been broken, thereby enabling homebrew programs to be run on the platform and circumventing the Marketplace, cries of joy emanated from the various developer communities while cynical eyebrows were raised by the rest of us.

Windows Phone 7 hacker with t-shirt

After all, one look at how Jailbreaking an iPhone has resulted in the new Jailbreak/iOS update/new Jailbreak paradigm, the same was more than likely to happen with Windows Phone 7.

Microsoft have already slapped up a very friendly warning that unlocking the phone to allow sideloading of apps that may or may not be pirated (and given the price of Assassin’s Creed: Altair’s Chronicles, it’s possible) will result in a voided warranty, phone functionality ceasing, the world ending and the inability to make phonecalls, but they’ve also gone a step further by inviting the ChevronWP7 guys to Redmond for a nice chat.

So the guys who made it possible to run homebrew apps on the Marketplace-centric Windows Phone 7 platform got a nice cup of coffee and a fun addition to their wardrobe? Is that all?

While giving away t-shirts to people that hack your code isn’t the way of Apple and Sony, it certainly seems to be the future for Microsoft who seem to be engaging with their users in a whole new way since the release of Windows Phone 7. From the initial furore over the lack of copy and paste (set to be added to the impending NoDo update) to a (so far) attorney-free dialogue with the guys who cracked Windows Phone 7, their philosophy seems to be changing…

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