How to Use Windows Live Mail Calendar

January 18, 2011, By Christian Cawley

The Windows Live Mail component of the Windows Live Essentials 2011 package available free to Windows 7 users features a selection of regularly used tools in addition to the standard sending and receiving of emails.

You can manage contacts, read RSS feeds and interact with Usenet newsgroups, and Windows Live Mail also provides access to a powerful online calendar which is available via a variety of devices.

With this calendar tool you can sync information between your desktop and Hotmail account or even sync with a Windows Mobile or Windows Phone 7 device. The calendar options included in Windows Live Mail are considerable and offer almost equal flexibility to the expensive Microsoft Outlook 2010 email client.

How to use the calendar in Windows Live Mail

Using the Windows Live Mail Calendar Tools

The first thing you will notice in the Windows Live Mail Calendar is the default View – this is set to Day, and will display be the date set as your Windows 7 system default. You can change this to Week or Month, with the former displaying a 7 day view and the latter a 42 day view in order to display an entire month.

If you find yourself scrolling through the calendar and can’t find your way back to the current date, the Today button will take you straight back; this is a key element of using this calendar, and is worth remembering.

Adding Events to Windows Live Mail Calendar

By adding a new calendar Event (either via the Home tab or by pressing CTRL+N in Calendar view) you can setup a single 15 minute appointment or specify an ongoing event over several days.

In a New Event window, input a Subject for the event, and also add a location where the event is set to occur. By default All day is selected, which would block out an entire day in your calendar; you can clear this check box to specify a Start and End date either on the same day (using the time drop-down menus) or stretch the event over several days.

For instance, for a short appointment you might set the start date as 06/01/2011 and the start time as 12:30, with an end date of 06/01/2011 and time of 13:00; alternatively, an event over several days would have the All day box checked and a start date of 12/01/2011 and an end date of 17/01/2011.

With the date and time input, you should be aware that you can set some options, such as specify a Reminder, a recurrence (daily, weekly, etc) and you can also insert important information about the appointment in the body of the New Event window, just as you might with an email.

How to Sync Windows Live Mail Calendar

The default Calendar view in Windows Live Mail is naturally empty, unless you have already setup a Windows Live email account to be used with the client. If this is the case, the Calendar view will display the same information as your browser-based calendar in Hotmail.

What this means is that on a computer with a regularly internet connection you can add appointments and events to your calendar and this will be synced with a suitable online device such as a Windows Phone 7 device. You will also have access to the same calendar from a different PC running Windows Live Mail as well as from your browser; effectively you can access a single calendar file from anywhere in the world (and thanks to the Windows Live Essentials Outlook Connector Tools you can also view a Hotmail calendar in Microsoft Outlook 2010.)

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